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Styling TheKnot

Stylingtheknot.com.au is operated by Styling The Knot and is registered in Australia under ABN 6033

8916 612.


  • “We, Us, Owner” means Styling The Knot.

  • The “Hirer” means you, being the person, firm or corporation hiring equipment from the Owner.

  • The “Equipment” means all the equipment and accessories supplied to the Hirer by the Owner.

  • “Terms” means these Terms and Conditions of Hire.


Hire Rates

Hire rates are based on a 4-day period commencing from the collection time until returned to the Owner’s possession (“the Hire Period”).

Extended hire periods can be arranged in the original booking and will depend on the availability of Equipment. 

The Owner will provide a quote for an extended hire period on the request of the Hirer.

Deposits, payments & other fees

A non-refundable booking deposit of 50% of the total hire cost is required to be paid to the Owner to confirm the Hirer’s booking. Deposit paid will be deducted from the total bill payable. Deposits are required for all orders, with the exception of:

  1. Orders placed less than 30 days from collection which require full payment to secure the booking.

  2. All Custom Built or Special Purchase Equipment which require full payment at the point of booking to commence manufacture or buying process.

A security bond will be applied to your invoice and is payable as per the date specified on the invoice.

Prices quoted are for collection and return by the Hirer.

Returns must be made personally by the Hirer or the nominated representative as stated on the booking form

to the Owner.

All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and include GST.

All payments must be made by direct Bank transfer, Debit or Credit card. A 2.2% surcharge applies for

card payments.



Booking deposits paid are non-refundable for cancellation, change-of-mind or change of date.

No refund applies to the booking deposit.

Any refunds will incur an administration fee of $95.00; your refund amount will be less this amount if a refund is eligible, which will be determined by the Owner.

Cancellations must be made in writing to the Owner by the Hirer to the Owner’s email address as stated on the invoice, which is stylingtheknot@gmail.com

Cancellations made more than 30 days from collection will receive a refund of any funds remitted, excluding the booking deposit.

Cancellations made less than 30 days from collection must be paid in full as the cost of Equipment is considered cost of lost opportunity to the Owner.

No refund applies to cancellations of Custom Built or Special Purchase Equipment and full payment must be paid by the Hirer.

Booking deposits are non-transferable.



All quotes provided expire within 7 calendar days of the date of invoice.

Styling The Knot reserves the right to adjust the prices in any quotation once the expiry period has been reached.

Equipment is hired on a ‘first come, first served’ basis and a quotation does not guarantee the availability of any/all items.


Liability and Indemnity

NOTE: Equipment is hired out and used and therefore reasonable signs of wear and tear will show as they are continual hire items.


Any Equipment used outside is done so entirely at the risk of the Hirer. In no case should the Equipment be used or left outside in the rain or overnight. 

All items must be stored with covers provided when not in use and left in secure dry storage.

A security bond is required from the Hirer and in the case of any and all damages, breakages, theft or unaccounted Equipment from The Owner.  Once all Equipment is returned and checked that it is in the same condition as prior to collection the security bond will be refunded within 3-5 business days, and no charge will be made.

The Owner’s decision as to the condition of the Equipment prior to collection and on return shall be final.

Any charges made regarding damages, breakages, professional-cleaning costs, repairs or shortages the Hirer will be deducted from the security bond.

 The Hirer agrees that all charges incurred by the Owner for late cancellation, hire loss, hire extension, damage and repair will be paid and that all collection fees, legal fees or any expenses involved in the collection of these charges will be paid by the Hirer.


Photo Booth App

If the Equipment being used by the Hirer includes the Photo/GIF Booth, there is a restriction period for the activation and use of the Photo Booth a app which will comprise of one 48-hour period during the hire period which will be specified by the Hirer.

In the event the Hirer wishes to use the Photo/GIF Booth for more than the one 48-hour period they can choose to do so at a fee of $30.00 AUD for an additional 24-hour period.

Should the Hirer wish to use the Photo/GIF Booth exceeding the additional period option, please discuss with the Owner at the time of the booking.

Collection from and return to Styling The Knot

All equipment must be collected from and returned to the Owners possession by the Hirer.

Tentative collection date and time and return date and time will be provided by the Hirer in the booking form.

Confirmation of the collection date and time and return date and time will be confirmed by the Owner.

Collection and returns must be made within the agreed booking collection and return dates and times unless agreed to otherwise with the Owner.


Styling The Knot

Management has the absolute right to refuse a booking and/or refund and payment made at their discretion.   


Jurisdiction and applicable law

Styling the Knot operates in the State of Victoria, Australia. As such, the laws of the State of Victoria will govern these terms of use (and the purchase of any products via us and our site.